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"...it's difficult to find a fraud of this size on the U.S. court system in U.S. history... where you have literally tens of thousands of fraudulent documents filed in tens of thousands of cases." Raymond Brescia, a visiting professor at Yale Law School

* "Los Angeles County got the best courts that money could buy". KNBC (October 16, 2008) * "Innocent people remain in prison" LAPD Blue Ribbon Review Panel Report (2006) * Los Angeles County is "the epicenter of the epidemic of real estate and mortgage fraud." FBI (2004) * “…judges tried and sentenced a staggering number of people for crimes they did not commit." Prof David Burcham, Loyola Law School, LA (2000) * “This is conduct associated with the most repressive dictators and police states… and judges must share responsibility when innocent people are convicted.” Prof Erwin Chemerinksy, Irvine Law School (2000) * "Condado de Los Angeles tiene las mejores canchas que el dinero puede comprar".KNBC (16 de octubre de 2008) * "Las personas inocentes permanecen en prisión" LAPD Blue Ribbon Panel de Revisión Report (2006) * Condado de Los Angeles es "el epicentro de la epidemia de bienes raíces y el fraude de la hipoteca." FBI (2004) * "... Los jueces juzgado y condenado a un asombroso número de personas por crímenes que no cometieron." Prof. David Burcham, Loyola Law School, LA (2000) * "Esta es una conducta asociada con los dictadores más represivos y los estados de la policía ... y los jueces deben compartir la responsabilidad, cuando es condenado a personas inocentes." Prof. Erwin Chemerinksy, Irvine, la Facultad de Derecho (2000)

Thousands of Rampart-FIPs (Falsely Imprisoned Persons) remain locked up more than a decade after official, expert, and media report documented that they were falsely prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced in the largest court corruption sandal in the history of the United States...

Blue Ribbon Review Panel report (2006):


Nuestro derecho a acceso los expedientes publicos, nuestra libertad y nuestros derechos humanos fundamentales están todos conectados en las caderas!

10-10-01 Corruption of the California courts noticed by the United Nations

In summer 2010, the staff report of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, as part of the first ever, 2010 UPR (Universal Periodic Review) of Human Rights in the United States, noticed and referenced the Human Rights Alert April 2010 submission, pertaining to "corruption of the courts, the legal profession, and discrimination by law enforcement in California".

10-10-01 United Nations Human Rights Council Records for 2010 Review (UPR) of Human Rights in the United States

Thursday, April 21, 2011

11-04-21 “In financial crisis, no prosecutions of top figures”… Because of widespread corruption of the justice system, they are effectively immune… // Debido a la corrupción generalizada de los tribunales, no el enjuiciamiento de los banqueros // 由于普遍腐败的法院,没有起诉的银行家

The widespread corruption of the US justice system is a key factor in the financial crisis, which is often overlooked.
Angelo Mozilo           Sandor Samuels                  Brian Moynihan            
Los Angeles, April 21 - in a recent column, the New York Times Pulitzer-prize winner Gretchen Morgenson questioned the failure of the US to prosecute any of the top figures in the ongoing financial crisis. [[i]]
In response, Joseph Zernik, PhD, of Human Rights Alert (NGO), offered Morgenson an explanation, which they had discussed already in early 2008:

There is no way to criminally prosecute banking executives in the courts - effectively, due to widespread corruption of the courts, banking executives are vested in immunity.

The evidence of corrupt practices in the state and US courts in cases involving Countrywide and later Bank of America is extensive:
  • In January 2008 - Countrywide collapsed, following the publication of a report by Morgenson in the New York Times regarding the filing of "Recreated Letters" as evidence by Countrywide attorneys in the US Bankruptcy Court in Pennsylvania. [[ii]]
  • In March 2008 - The Honorable Jeff Bohm's Memorandum Opinion in the US Bankruptcy Court in Texas, detailed a year-long study of the litigation practices of Countrywide in courts across the United States and documented various litigation fraud methods employed by the bank and its attorneys, summarized as "disregard for the professional and ethical obligations of the legal profession and judicial system". (p8) [[iii]]
  • The 2009-10 litigation of SEC v Bank of America in the US District Court in New York, which was widely reported as enforcement of banking regulation, was later opined as Fraud on the Court. [[iv]]
  • In May 2010 - Evidence of racketeering in the courts by Countrywide and BofA, including direct involvement by Sandor Samuels (then Countrywide's Chief Legal Officer, later BofA Associate General Counsel), and Brian Moynihan (then BofA General Counsel, today BofA President) was filed with US law enforcement. [[v]]
  • In April 2011  - Bank of America was caught again engaging in the same practices in the Los Angeles Superior Court. [[vi]]
Regardless, Countrywide, Bank of America, their executives, and their outside counsel never suffered any consequences.
In most of these cases state and US judges colluded with the banks:

  • US Judge Virginia Phillips and US Magistrate Carla Woehrle in the US District Court, Central District of California; US Judge Jed Rakoff in the US District Court, Southern District of New York;
  • A long list of California Judges including, but not limited to Jacqueline Connor, John Segal, Alan Goodman, Terry Friedman, Gerald Rosenberg, Charles McCoy, Stephen Czuleger, and Peter Meeka in the Los Angeles Superior Court, and the justices of the California Court of Appeals, 2nd District.
Refusal of FBI and US Department of Justice to enforce the law on Countrywide and Bank of America due to widespread corruption of judges was documented in opinion and a letter by a highly decorated FBI veteran. [[vii]]

Corruption of the courts was related in all these cases to falsification of court records, facilitated by fraudulent computerized record keeping systems in the state (eCourt and Sustain) and US courts (PACER and CM/ECF), and collusion by the clerks of the courts.

Dr Zernik's opinion regarding fraud in computers of the state and US courts were supported by international experts. [[viii]]  More recently, he requested Harvard Law Professor Prof Yochai Benkler, an expert on computers and the law, to review the evidence. [[ix]]

"Countrywide and Bank of America executives are linked through such cases to a wide network of corrupt law-firms, and corrupt state and US judges," says Dr Zernik, "The widespread corruption of the US justice system is a key factor in the financial crisis, which is often overlooked". [[x]]

Corruption of the US justice system as a central factor in the financial crisis is the subject of his presentations in the upcoming World Criminology Congress, papers, previously published in an international, peer-reviewed computer science journal, and a report, adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council. [[xi]]

"Like the Great Depression a century ago, the current financial crisis is a system-wide integrity crisis." Accordingly, he concludes that unless integrity of the US justice system is addressed, socio-economic and civil society conditions in the United States are unlikely to improve.

[i]      11-04-14: Morgenson - In Financial Crisis, No Prosecutions of Top Figures - NYTimes
[ii]       08-01-08 Case of Borrower Hills (01-22574) in the US Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania: Countrywide's three "recreated letters", transcript, and news reports:
[iii]      08-03-05Case of Borrower William Parsley(05-90374), Dkt #248: Judge Jeff Bohm's Memorandum Opinion, rebuking Countrywide's litigation practices, Countrywide's false outside counsel scheme - appearances by counsel who are not Counsel of Record, with "no communications with clients" clause:
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[ix]      11-04-14 PRESS RELEASE: Harvard Law Professor Yochai Benkler has been asked to review the evidence of large-scale computer fraud in the US courts
[x]       11-04-12 PRESS RELEASE: Bribing of State and US Judges by Bank of America Must be a Serious Concern!
1)     Zernik, Joseph: Securities and Exchange Commission v Bank of America Corporation - Pretense Litigation and Pretense Banking Regulation in the United States - 16th World Criminology Congress
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5)     10-04-19 Human Rights Alert (NG0) submission to the  United Nations Human Rights Council  for the 2010 Review (UPR) of Human Rights in the United States as incorporated into the UPR staff report, with reference to "corruption of the courts and the legal profession".
Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)

Human Rights Alert is dedicated to discovering, archiving, and disseminating evidence of Human Rights violations by the justice systems of the State of California and the United States in Los Angeles County, California, and beyond. Human Rights Alert focuses on the unique role of computerized case management systems in the precipitous deterioration of the integrity of the justice system in the United States.
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* "...a system in which only the little people have to obey the law, while the rich, and bankers especially, can cheat and defraud without consequences."
Prof Paul Krugman, MIT (2011)
WHAT DID THE EXPERTS SAY ABOUT THE JUSTICE SYSTEM IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CALIFORNIA?"...judges tried and sentenced a staggering number of people for crimes they did not commit."
Prof David Burcham, Dean, Loyola Law School, LA (2001)
"This is conduct associated with the most repressive dictators and police states... and judges must share responsibility when innocent people are convicted."   
Prof Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean, Irvine Law School (2001)
* "Innocent people remain in prison"
"...the LA Superior Court and the DA office, the two other parts of the justice system that the Blue Panel Report recommends must be investigated relative to the integrity of the system, have not produced any response that we know of..."LAPD Blue Ribbon Review Panel Report (2006)
http://www.scribd.com/doc/24902306 /
"...corruption of the courts and the legal profession and discrimination by law enforcement in California."
United Nations Human Rights Council Staff Report (2010)
"On July 26, 2010, Laurence Tribe, Senior Counsel for the United States Department of Justice, Access to Justice Initiative, delivered an important speech to the Conference of Chief Justices, challenging them to halt the disintegration of our state justice systems before they become indistinguishable from courts of third world nations."Prof Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law School (2010), per National Defender Leadership Institute (2010)
WHAT DID THE EXPERTS SAY ABOUT THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES?* "More than 100 law professors have signed on to a letter released today that proposes congressional hearings and legislation aimed at fashioning "mandatory and enforceable" ethics rules for Supreme Court justices for the first time. The effort, coordinated by the liberal Alliance for Justice, was triggered by "recent media reports," the letter said, apparently referring to stories of meetings and other potential conflicts of interest involving Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas among others."
More than 100 law professors, as reported by the Blog of the Legal Times (February 2011)
WHAT DID CHIEF JUDGE OF THE US COURT OF APPEALS, 5TH CIRCUIT, SAY ABOUT THE US JUSTICE SYSTEM?* "The American legal system has been corrupted almost beyond recognition..."
Chief Judge, US Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit, Edith Jones, speaking before the Federalist Society of Harvard Law School (February 2003)
WHAT DID THE CHAIR OF THE SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE SAY ABOUT THE US JUSTICE SYSTEM?* In a speech in Georgetown University, Senator Leahy, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee called for a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" on the US Department of Justice.Transcript of Senator Leahy speech (2009)



  1. Hey they are buds of the obama admin.What do you expect.Just take a look at all the cronies of obama that are getting rich on special projects.The most corrupt administration in the history of the United States.Unions have received Billions ,if not hundreds of Billions to keep their jobs.All on the taxpayers back.Gm got 60 billions,The gov. is now selling its gm stock for 11 billion..A loss of billions.Plus Gm doesnt have to pay taxes or even pay back the money they got.Yeah some transparent admin.In your face politics of the gangster administration run by crooks. Less..
    Posted 1 hour ago By cocytan (USA)

  2. Right now I am in the middle of dealing with a crooked insurance company (State Farm) who refuses to pay on a claim and a crooked car dealership that won't honor an extended "bumper-to-bumper" warranty.

    Personally, I can't wait until people start hanging these corporate criminals from street lights and using them for pinatas and tiki-torches.
    Posted 1 hour ago By eventhorizon2012

  3. @EventHorizon2012 .Bet they are friends of the admin.Democrats didnt close any of the car dealers who supported dems or obama.So yeah the crooks are out there.As far as corporation,they are fighting for their lives in this admin which is as you seem to be ,anti capitalist.
    Posted 1 hour ago By cocytan (USA)

  4. @cocytan

    Bahahahaha..... you're a fucking retard if you think corporations are fighting for their lives.... especially the insurance industry.

    "State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., the biggest U.S. home and car insurer, said full- year profit more than doubled as underwriting losses narrowed.

    Net income for 2010 rose to $1.8 billion from $777 million a year earlier, the Bloomington, Illinois-based company said today in a statement."


    Go crawl back under your rock, you corporate dick-sucking shill. Less..
    Posted 23 mins ago By eventhorizon2012

  5. @EventHorizon2012 yes yes lets blame others for our down falls of not reading a contract..... You Idiot, it's all in black and white on your contract...... BUMPER TO BUMPER rofl only tools read the big letters and not the small ones......... you will lose and ignorance is not a defence..................
    Posted 10 mins ago By dankmofo (USA)

  6. People have forgotten there is and always was a class war going on.
    And the rich are winning....

    Eventually the elitists will get so greedy and so cock sure of themselves they'll feel they don't need a middle class buffer zone to insulate them from the destitute they've robbed of their futures.
    Eventually it will come crumbling down and there will be only the extremely rich and the extremely poor.
    Then, history shows us time and time again, by sheer strength of numbers and desperation, the poor will prevail, the elite will die, and the balance will be returned.... for a spell, till it happens all over again.
    Justice will be served, eventually.
    The pendulum never stops, it swings like the headsman's axe every few generations. Less..
    Posted 46 mins ago By Michael567

  7. We let it happen.
    Posted 6 hours ago By StopTheCancer

  8. Imagine my shock! It's been like this for 100 years! Of course,they are above the law! Those laws were created for the REST OF US!! And we have to obey them, or they'll sick their goons at us with tazers,guns,pepper spray,beat us if we don't comply!
    I sense the need for a revolution!
    Posted 5 mins ago By Caddy56

  9. This is a great opportunity to unite the people of this nation against our real enemies. If only the right wing joined up with the rest of us against things like Citizens united and acknowledged that Bush appointed corporate activist judges.

    I am not saying that the blame lies squarely on Bush it is a problem that crosses party lines but if you look at the right leaning judicial system with emphasis on the supreme court you'd notice a pattern of siding with these rich fucks all the time.
    Posted 9 hours ago By Zardoz003 (USA)

  10. "The truth is always a trick to those who live among lies."
    Posted 7 hours ago By zziper


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RICHARD FINE was arrested on March 4, 2009 and is held since then in solitary confinement in Twin Tower Jail in Los Angeles, California, with no records,  conforming with the fundamentals of the law, as the basis for his arrest and jailing.

Richard Fine - 70 year old, former US prosecutor, had shown that judges in Los Angeles County had taken "not permitted" payments (called by media "bribes"). On February 20, 2009, the Governor of California signed "retroactive immunities" (pardons) for all judges in Los Angeles. Less than two weeks later, on March 4, 2009 Richard Fine was arrested in open court, with no warrant. He is held ever since in solitary confinement in Los Angeles, California. No judgment, conviction, or sentencing was ever entered in his case.

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