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"...it's difficult to find a fraud of this size on the U.S. court system in U.S. history... where you have literally tens of thousands of fraudulent documents filed in tens of thousands of cases." Raymond Brescia, a visiting professor at Yale Law School

* "Los Angeles County got the best courts that money could buy". KNBC (October 16, 2008) * "Innocent people remain in prison" LAPD Blue Ribbon Review Panel Report (2006) * Los Angeles County is "the epicenter of the epidemic of real estate and mortgage fraud." FBI (2004) * “…judges tried and sentenced a staggering number of people for crimes they did not commit." Prof David Burcham, Loyola Law School, LA (2000) * “This is conduct associated with the most repressive dictators and police states… and judges must share responsibility when innocent people are convicted.” Prof Erwin Chemerinksy, Irvine Law School (2000) * "Condado de Los Angeles tiene las mejores canchas que el dinero puede comprar".KNBC (16 de octubre de 2008) * "Las personas inocentes permanecen en prisión" LAPD Blue Ribbon Panel de Revisión Report (2006) * Condado de Los Angeles es "el epicentro de la epidemia de bienes raíces y el fraude de la hipoteca." FBI (2004) * "... Los jueces juzgado y condenado a un asombroso número de personas por crímenes que no cometieron." Prof. David Burcham, Loyola Law School, LA (2000) * "Esta es una conducta asociada con los dictadores más represivos y los estados de la policía ... y los jueces deben compartir la responsabilidad, cuando es condenado a personas inocentes." Prof. Erwin Chemerinksy, Irvine, la Facultad de Derecho (2000)

Thousands of Rampart-FIPs (Falsely Imprisoned Persons) remain locked up more than a decade after official, expert, and media report documented that they were falsely prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced in the largest court corruption sandal in the history of the United States...

Blue Ribbon Review Panel report (2006):


Nuestro derecho a acceso los expedientes publicos, nuestra libertad y nuestros derechos humanos fundamentales están todos conectados en las caderas!

10-10-01 Corruption of the California courts noticed by the United Nations

In summer 2010, the staff report of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, as part of the first ever, 2010 UPR (Universal Periodic Review) of Human Rights in the United States, noticed and referenced the Human Rights Alert April 2010 submission, pertaining to "corruption of the courts, the legal profession, and discrimination by law enforcement in California".

10-10-01 United Nations Human Rights Council Records for 2010 Review (UPR) of Human Rights in the United States

Friday, March 25, 2011

11-03-25 The Rule of Law - Complaint pertaining to alleged Social Security Fraud by President Obama! // El Estado de Derecho - Denuncia presunto fraude relacionados con la Seguridad Social por el presidente Obama // 法治- 投诉有关涉嫌欺诈社会保障总统奥巴马!

President Obama_ _ _ _ _ Dr Orly Taitz

Los Angeles, March 25 - Complaint was filed by Dr Orly Taitz pursuant to USC §552 (Freedom of Information Act) against Michael Astrue, Social Security Commissioner. The complaint pertains to refusal of the Social Security Administration to release information, which was requested as part of efforts to ascertain the validity, or lack thereof, of various Social Security numbers and other demographic data used by President Obama.

The exhibits of the complaint include two affidavits by renowned fraud investigators, regarding several dozen Social Security numbers used by President Obama.

I have used so far only one Social Security number.  

How many have you?

Would the US District Court in Washington DC be able to accord Equal Protection and Due Process?


Complaint, Dkt #001
Exhibits, Dkt #001-1
Civil Cover Sheet, Dkt #001-02
[1] 11-02-16 Taitz v Astrue (1:11-cv-00402) in the US District Court, Washington, DC - pertaining to refusal of Social Security Administration to release information regarding President Obama's Social Security data - Dkt #001: Complaint, Exhibits, Cover Sheet, and NEF s


  1. Is there any way to stop this dumb cunt from continuing to file these frivolous lawsuits that tie up court time? Do the judges draw straws to see who gets stuck with her?
    Posted 12 hours ago by "Yossarian1984" (R) (USA)

  2. Welcome to America, and free speech. Followed by the 2nd amendment.
    Posted 11 hours ago by "hughmac7" (R) (USA)

  3. Dear All:

    With all this flurry of comments, it appears that none of the writers bothered to read the actual complaint.

    It happens to have very little to do with the elusive Birth Certificate.

    Instead, the complaint includes affidavits by two renowned investigators, showing that the President used several dozen social security numbers along his career.

    I have used only one during my current lifetime...

    How about you?

    Joseph Zernik, PhD
    Human Rights Alert (NGO)
    Posted 11 hours ago by "jz12345" (R)

  4. Obama's Social Security number is from Connecticut.

    Something very fishy going on with this dude!
    Posted 10 hours ago by "WE ARE POWER" (R) (USA)

  5. I read it also and you are exactly correct. This posting is about fraudulent use of SS numbers by Barrack Obama, oh wait - excuse me, I should say Barry Soetoro.
    Posted 9 hours ago by "explorer572007" (R) (USA)

    Posted 2 hours ago by "DFTERC" (R) (USA)


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Richard Fine - 70 year old, former US prosecutor, had shown that judges in Los Angeles County had taken "not permitted" payments (called by media "bribes"). On February 20, 2009, the Governor of California signed "retroactive immunities" (pardons) for all judges in Los Angeles. Less than two weeks later, on March 4, 2009 Richard Fine was arrested in open court, with no warrant. He is held ever since in solitary confinement in Los Angeles, California. No judgment, conviction, or sentencing was ever entered in his case.

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